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Certified Nursing Assistant – An overview

What Is a CNA?

Certified Nursing Assistant is a job that requires a high level of skill and commitment and is a job that is in very high demand across the world today. Training to be a nursing assistant was a full-time endeavor till a few years ago and took a great deal of time to get placed with a leading organization. However, thanks to the advent of online learning, the process has become simpler.

That makes the profession even more lucrative for those inclined towards nursing, as the shortage automatically leads to better pay and conditions. But most people who become nurses or CNAs don’t just work for the money. The satisfaction and smile on the patient’s face put them to sleep peacefully at the end of the day.


There are several terms used for Certified Nursing Assistant. In some places, they are called just nursing assistants, patient care assistants, and state-tested nurse aides. However, the basic job profile does not change by much – it is to help a Registered Nurse discharge their duties effectively. In reality, though, it is the Certified Nursing Assistant who does the bulk of the work, which we attribute to a Registered Nurse.

Whether it is in a hospital, a daycare center, home of a senior citizen, or a differently-abled person, or while tending to the sick at their homes, the CNA acts as the medium between the doctors/nurses and the patient. Tending to the sick full time is a job that requires a tremendous amount of compassion and commitment, and not everyone will fit the bill. But the rewards that come with the job – in the form of gratitude and satisfaction – make the job quite fulfilling.

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Where can you apply?

As we mentioned, studying and training to be a CNA has changed over the years. While several institutions and universities offer full-time education, most people who qualify as CNA prefer the online or community college routes.

Since nursing is a state-controlled profession, you may have to check with your State Licensing Board to make sure that the information provided here is accurate for your state also. Many online colleges are run by really good universities, which offer courses in Nursing Assistance. Usually, these courses involve a practical hands-on training module also, in addition to a detailed study module.

The test can be taken online, and the degree awarded allows you to apply for further education in the field or apply for one of the qualifying examinations in your chosen profession. For instance, if you would like to land a job as a Certified Medical Assistant, you may need to apply for the CMA examination conducted by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

Qualifying that test will open up several employment opportunities across the country. There are also courses conducted through Red Cross, Community Colleges, and through several Medical Facilities. Choose the option based on your location so you can reduce traveling while in the program.

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