Dental Assistant Training Programs

Dental assisting can be a very rewarding career. To pursue a degree in this field, it is important to choose the right dental assistant training program.

Choose the Right One

Dental Assistant Courses

Top dental assistant training programs will consist of both classroom and laboratory experiences.

A leading program will also have an internship program where the student will work at a local dental office to gain practical work experience during their education.

These internships will be essential for gaining employment after graduation, as the experience gained during this part of the program is invaluable.


The first thing a person should look for when considering this type of program is accreditation. It is important to attend an accredited program because these schools are regulated to meet certain educational standards.

There are three main accreditation agencies for dental assistant training programs: the Dental Assisting National Board, the Commission on Dental Accreditation, and the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA).

Attending a school that is accredited by one of these agencies can increase base salary and ensure certification.

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Types of Dental Assisting Programs

Onsite Programs

Most local community colleges and vocational schools offer dental assistant training programs. These courses are typically associate degree programs, requiring around two years to complete.

Some local colleges offer certificate programs as well, which can be completed in eight to twelve months. These programs typically have flexible scheduling options, but a student choosing an onsite program must be prepared to attend classes each week at the same time.

Online Programs

For adults choosing to go back to school and need a more flexible option to obtain their dental assisting degree, online programs may be a better choice. Online programs allow individuals to work through the course at their own pace from the comfort of their own home.

An online program’s required classes are usually the same as the required courses from onsite dental assistant training programs. However, some online schools have streamlined their methods so an individual will only take classes directly related to the field, which can speed up obtaining their degree.

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